Structural Waterproofing

Most flat roofing companies will shy away from awkward roofing situations, Ultraflex welcomes a challenge and because of this we have developed ways to apply our system to the most difficult roofing situations. Seamless fibreglass by its very nature offers a most cost effective and long term solution to replacing traditional lead work in these situations.
Top Row Pic 1
Ultraflex treatment of soil pipe enclosure on valley gutter.

Top Row Pic 2
New fibre glass land valley.

Top Row Pic 3
Ultraflex treatment of concrete steps.

Second Row Pic 1
Flat recessed area in fibre glass.

Second Row Pic 2
Roof verge and flashings treated with ultraflex GRP.

Second Row Pic 3
GRP flashings into chimney stack.

Third Row Pic 1
Ultraflex treatment of Roof Valley.

Third Row Pic 2
New box gutter in fibre glass.

Third Row Pic 3
Velux roof light incorporated into new fibre glass roof.


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