Industrial and Commercial Roofing

Ultraflex has over many years renovated large flat roofs on industrial and commercial properties.

Although we are a relatively small company our skills are what matter and the fact that we don't use sub-contractors mean that we have total control over quality of workmanship.

Top Row Pic 1
Ultraflex treatment of Asbestos Industrial Roof using polyester resin and glass fibre re-inforcement.

Top Row Pic 2
First section of new roof being laid over existing asphalt roof.

Top Row Pic 3
Ultraflex treatment of drain on flat roof inside roof gulley.

Second Row Pic 1
Flat roof balcony incorporating fire escape on a residential block of appartments.

Second Row Pic 2
New leaf guard filter fitted to new drain on flat roof of school.

Second Row Pic 3
New Flat Roof on shopping centre showing breather vents.

Third Row Pic 1
Skylights being fitted to new fibre glass roof on London apartment block.

Third Row Pic 2
Apartment block roof finished in dark grey with new skylight.

Third Row Pic 3
Preperation for skylights on new flat roof over gymnasium.

Fouth Row Pic 1

Fouth Row Pic 2

Fouth Row Pic 3

Fifth Row Pic 1

Fifth Row Pic 2

Fifth Row Pic 3

Sixth Row Pic 1


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